Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fun and frolics

This past Saturday I had the pleasure of attending a series of lectures from Dr. Harry Barry (http://www.ncii.ie/Harry%20Barry.htm) on anxiety. Very very interesting it was and I did learn a lot in that 6 hours. Dr. Harry is a great speaker and his lectures really reflected this. I ended up purchasing both his books (http://www.omahonys.ie/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=217886 - http://www.omahonys.ie/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=25915) as I felt that they will be invaluable in my studies, plus they seem very interesting, plus I am a sucker for signed books. I met other students at my college/university (the N.C.I.I) from different years and spoke with a lot of them regarding their experiences at the college. I am just (literally) in my first year of a 4 year degree course in Psychotherapy & Counselling so for me to chat with other students who have gone through part of what I have ahead of me was a great opportunity.

Anyway during the lectures I was reminded of something that happened a few days ago that really irked me. I was at work a few days ago and I saw a customer at the counter. I asked the gentleman did he need a hand with anything. He said that he was fine and that someone was taking care of him. I told him that was fine and that if he did need anything else to not hesitate to ask. 10 minutes later the guy rushed over to me and said in a very harsh, stern tone ,"You'd want to learn some manners". I apologised and said that I did not know what he was referring to. He then shouted ,"You know! I don't like to be treated like an animal!". At this point I am stunned and just said sorry. He then stared at me for what felt like an hour and left. I honestly was shocked for the rest of the day and couldn't put my finger on what I had done to trigger this man off. After much analysing I have now realised that said man could have had a rotten day and I was just someone easy for him to vent his anger at. I know that it is not an excuse for this type of behaviour but still it made me feel better knowing that it wasn't my issue and that it was his. I didn't react to him at all. Just stayed with a blank expression. Maybe I was just too shocked or maybe I deliberately did not react.

As I am thinking about craziness I am reminded of a quote from the great Charles Bukowski, one of my favourite quotes Some people never go crazy, What truly horrible lives they must live”.

Maybe this guy had a wonderful life? Maybe I am the one who is crazy?

Anyway back to study now. Alfred Adler here I come.

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